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About Us


To give scholarship assistance to Carver High School minority male and female students who have exhibited academic excellence, community service, and service to others and are pursuing post-secondary education.

To create a three-way partnership between high school counselors, teachers, and community service leaders. Through these partnerships, we strive to identify bright, young people whose goals are advancement in life through post-secondary education.


The S.P. Charleston Memorial Scholarship Fund has over 10 years of experience and a proven track record of providing financial assistance to selected Carver High School minority males and females. This assistance is given after students are enrolled in a college, university, military, or technical school. Since its 2011 inception, a total of 52 seniors have been awarded scholarships for a total award of $42,800.00. The result is bright young people who have been financially helped to pursue their dreams of a post-secondary education, thus bettering their lives and enriching our community.

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