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Dr. S. P. Charleston


Dr. Charleston was an outstanding educator who dedicated his life in service to the Muscogee County School System and the Columbus GA community. He was a graduate of Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA, and was a supportive alumnus.  Dr.  Charleston was highly respected in the field of education and the community as he was known for being a strong advocate for children to receive the best education possible. He believed that education is the key that opens the doors to a world of endless possibilities.

Dr. Charleston served as principal of George Washington Carver Junior High School when it opened in 1954 and served as the first principal of George Washington Carver High School when it opened in 1963.  He retired in 1970 along with the graduating class.  During his tenure, he was an exceptional leader of impeccable character who dedicated his life to ensuring the well-being and future success of every student by laying a solid educational foundation.  He loved Carver and worked diligently to provide the best opportunities for students and staff. He exemplified excellence and held students and staff to the highest standards. As a visionary leader, Dr. Charleston motivated students and inspired them to reach their highest potential, strive for greatness, and to succeed despite obstacles.

He is remembered for his life of service and commitment to education.  The success of many alumni in the class of 1970 and other classes can be attributed to Dr. Charleston and the dedicated teachers, counselors, and staff who served as mentors.  The caring support and assistance they provided resulted in a positive and rewarding high school experience.  In March 1999, he fulfilled his purpose and transitioned from Earth to Eternity. 

One of his quotes that he often shared with students and staff was: “Don’t cut your aims down to the level of your present abilities but rather raise your abilities to the height of your aims. Hold on to your goal and trust that life, chance, help from others, and your own growing experiences and ability will, in time, furnish you with the means of achieving your goal.

A bronze statue of Dr. Charleston is in the hallway near the entrance of Carver High School donated by Carver Alumni and community sponsors under the leadership of Principal Christopher Lindsey.

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