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“Don’t cut your aims down to the level of your present abilities, but rather raise your abilities to the height of your aims. Hold on to your goal and trust that life, chance, help from others, and your own growing experiences and ability will, in time, furnish you the means of achieving your goal.“

The Carver High Class of 1970 S.P. Charleston Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. was conceived by Lester McCray in 2009, organized in 2010 with a team of classmates who embraced the vision to “give back” by providing scholarships to deserving minority Carver High School graduating seniors pursuing a post-secondary education. In 2011, the Scholarship Fund was incorporated in the state of Georgia as a public charity, received a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service and awarded its first scholarships.


The Scholarship is named in honor of a dedicated educator and the first principal of Carver High School, the late Dr. Samuel P. Charleston who was committed to providing the best educational opportunities possible to students. He retired after the Carver High School Class of 1970 graduation.  It was his devotion to students and their future success that led the Board of Directors to provide scholarships annually to deserving minority Carver High graduating males and females. The aim of the scholarship is to award financial support to those minority students who have exhibited academic excellence, community involvement and service to others and are pursuing a post-secondary education.


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